Texans Have Big Hill To Climb In Tennessee


The Houston Texans had their bye week thanks to Hurricane Ike and if you ask me that was not the best thing that could have happened to this team. The Texans needed to be on the field playing football, but you cannot control mother nature. The Tennessee Titans is next up for the Texans and they rolled over the Bengals on the road real easy so the Titans will be a very tough test. Vince Young will not play which is a blessing, but in reality it really does not matter as the Texans must put pressure on the quarterback if they want any chance to win.

The Titans in two games have only given up 17 points so their defense is also playing well and something we will have to deal with. Playing in Tennessee is tough and the Titans are a very good home team and the way you combat home field is you must score early and often that way the crowd is out of the game. Matt Schaub will have to step up in this game especially if the Texans want to have any chance of winning this game.