Raven-Texans Game Rescheduled For Nov. 9


Thanks to Hurricane Ike the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans game will be moved to Nov. 9. Ike did some damage to Reliant Stadium’s roof and they could not be repaired in time to play the game. Other places were looked at, but it was just not feasible. This means that this week will be the Houston Texans bye week and Cincinnati will take their bye week on Nov 9.

The Cincinnati Bengals-Houston Texans game set for Nov. 9 now will be played on Oct. 26. This really comes at a bad time as the Texans wanted to get on the field and prove they were not as bad as they played in Pittsburgh. Now they must focus their attention to the Tennessee Titans as this will be a very tough road game as the Titans usually play very well at home.