Houston Texans Run Into A Brick Wall In Pittsburgh


The Houston Texans found out what it’s like when you are not prepared to play as the Pittsburgh Steelers handed them an embarrassing 38-17 thrashing in Pittsburgh. Coach Gary Kubiak did the one thing all of us fans want him to do and that is take chances and he did just that by going for a fourth and 1 at the Steelers 48 yard line. It looked like a very good call as Matt Schaub leaned into the line and appeared to have a first down as referee Terry McAulay signaled first down. When it was measured though it came up inches short and Houston challenged the spot, but lost. This is the kind of day the Texans had in Pittsburgh.

Defensively is where I thought the Texans would do well, but that was not to be on this day either. Willie Parker ran for over 100 yards against them and Ben Roethlisberger was almost perfect throwing the ball as well. It seems that the Texans were a step slow on defense for some reason. On offense the Pittsburgh defense was just to much for Houston. The only really bright spot was Andre Johnson who had 10 catches for 112 yards. Matt Schaub threw for 202 yards and one touchdown, but threw two interceptions in the process which did not help at all. The Texans ran into a brick wall and it was called the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Many times the NFL season does not always start out the way you hope and this is just an example of it. Am I disappointed in this performance? Yes, after all the off-season talk of how they were ready to take the next step it is very disappointing. We have to remember though it is just one ball game and it is a marathon race so you just forget about it and move on. Next up the Baltimore Ravens for the home opener.