Texans V. Broncos Observations


Well, the Houston Texans came out strong in their first game of 2008. Who cares if it was only the preseason- for Houston, a “W” is a “W”. In last night’s 19-16 win over the Broncos, I made a few comments to myself and the people sitting around me, here are a few points of interest that I noticed:

  • Tim Carter should not make this roster. I know the odds are already stacked up against him, but after being on an NFL roster for the past 6 seasons, you can’t drop wide open passes.
  • On a happier note at wide receiver, David Anderson looked great. As I mentioned to my friend, Anderson reminds me a bit of Indy’s Anthony Gonzalez. If Anderson continues this type of play, we could be looking at a battle at the fourth receiver position.
  • Zach Diles did not disappoint. Six tackles in the first half, five of which were unassisted- impressive. The guy is definitely ready to contribute.
  • Not one running back helped, nor hurt, their stock.
  • Speaking of stock, BUY BUY BUY on Sage Rosenfels this season. Shane Boyd also contributed and should latch on to an NFL roster (just maybe not ours).
  • Watching Matt Turk break a 15 yard run was great! I wondered if that were intentional, or if it were just due in part to a high snap?
  • Jamar Fletcher is dying for playing time, and seems to be competing for the nickle position.
  • Kris Brown can still kick. Maybe this year, he’ll get the respect he deserves.

All-in-all, the game went well. The fans were great! Now comes N.O. led by Reggie Bush. Wait- who dat?