It's April 20, 2002, and our very own Houston Texans are prepared to make the first overall pick of the NFL Draft. Th..."/> It's April 20, 2002, and our very own Houston Texans are prepared to make the first overall pick of the NFL Draft. Th..."/>

From Side Arm to Sideline- The Bust Known as David Carr


It’s April 20, 2002, and our very own Houston Texans are prepared to make the first overall pick of the NFL Draft. The buzz was there. The hype was there. The poise and confidence of the man who put on the draft day hat was there. And God only knows the amount of excited fans, waiting to hear the name called from Mr. Tagliabue’s mouth. Friends, this was the beginning of what has become known as- the David Carr era.

Coming out of Fresno State, the 6’3″, 215 lbs. prodigy quarterback was ready to join the ranks of number one picks, but more importantly, Carr felt he was ready to lead the Houston Texans. This is where the problem occured. For months prior to the draft, it was not clear who the 32nd NFL franchise would select. It was down to the side armed, pocket passing Carr, or the Oregon Ducks gun-slinger, Joey Harrington. Before the draft, the Texans decided that David Carr was there man who would hoist the No. 8 jersey on draft day. Little did the team know, only one quarterback (David Garrard) selected in the ’02 draft would be a starter six years later.

After being the first ever draft pick of the young team, David Carr immediately became the face of the franchise, appearing on magizine covers, billboards, and store fronts city-wide. The 23 year old with the lucrative, 7-year, $46.25 million dollar contract had arrived, and the city was ready. Then, the season began. Things were looking great for the rookie- that is until Week 2. After a memorable win against Dallas, the team was outscore 23-82 for the next three games and this was the key for concern. Carr spent the majority of his first five seasons on his back, allowing the offensive line to be the Carr’s scapegoat. After the team’s front office was sick of not having a season over six wins, a change was made. The coaches nearly had all been reshuffled. The line adjusted. And David Carr was no longer a Houston Texan.

After his fallout in Houston and serious drop in confidence, David Carr signed a 2-year, $6.2 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. Here, the pretty boy would be the starter by default after an injury to Jake Delhomme. While in Carolina, Carr became infamous for wearing his white gloves, and soon adopted the nickname Mister Mittens. Mittens would play five games and account for five losses, before Carolina head coach benched him in favor of an undrafted rookie, Matt Moore. Carr was the demoted again, as the 44-year old, Vinny Testaverde jumped ahead on the depth chart. Carr was out of luck and the Panthers released him after a year of sub-par work. I guess the kittens have now lost their mittens.

And now, here we are in 2008. The Texans and Panthers both look promising this year. And David Carr gets ONE MORE CHANCE. No, not with either of the two previous teams, but with the defending Super Bowl Champion, New York Giants. Obviously he won’t start. And the team probably hopes that Carr will never have to actually play. But this could be it. It really could be. The once 1st overall pick, who at 23 was living the high life, is now working to earn another back up job. From a $46 million dollar contract to a 1 year, $1million dollar contract. David Carr is fighting for his football career. But hell, if he doesn’t succeed in that, I’ve been told that the modeling business is booming.