The Bull at War


In 2005, he sat. In 2006, he sat. In 2007, he sat. This has been the case for Boston College product, Tim Bulman. Bulman has seen his fair share of action throughout his four year career, the only problem with that is, it’s been from the sideline. Well, coming 2008, Bulman won’t be sitting. The 6’4″, 292 lbs. defensive tackle is out on a mission. No, not another tour of getting the starters their Gatorade and cold towels, but rather be the one who is ACCEPTING the Gatorade and towels. Tim Bulman is here. To stay.

The name itself is quite appealing. Hell, a DT who has the last name BULman, what more could you ask for? Compare that to a skill position player, like Speedy McHands at receiver- it just works. But, if there is one thing standing in Tim’s way of substantial playing time in the coming season, it’s the plethora of depth on the defensive line. O’er the past two seasons Bulman has been stuck behind players like Travis Johnson, Anthony Maddox, Jeff Zgonina, and Amobi Okoye. Though, the average man would not have a problem with being behind those four skilled athletes, Bulman’s pissed. And now, he is converting that anger into a more realistic goal- to have teamates be stuck behind him. The man’s attitude speaks for itself. When asked, last year, by Head Coach Gary Kubiak to join the team on the road, Bulman declined due to his preference of only joining the team when he will be called upon to play, as oppose to watching, more, like a Practice Squad player would.  Throughout this years OTA’s though, Bulman and Kubiak are both beginning to gain a more positive light on the situation at hand. When asked about Bulman’s playing time in the upcoming season, Kubiak told reporters, “He’s going to be hard to keep off the field.”

Though the crowded roster looks a bit intimidating at times, Bulman is prepared for anything that manages to step in his way, “On the field, I just try to get out everything I want to get out. I try to go as hard as I can every play. I try to take the mindset that I can make the play at every snap of the game.”. This aspect of his game- this attitude, motivation, drive, and confidence- is likely to take Tim Bulman to new places this year. Places that he has never seen before; an unchartered ground- the playing field.