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Hello, welcome to Toro Times, a new Fan-Sided Blogs website dedicated to helping fans keep up with the Houston Texans throughout the entire year. I am John R. Harden, your Houston Texans lead blogger. As well as being a die hard Texans fan, I also pay considerable attention to the Rockets, Astros, and am always well informed of the hottest news from around those respected leagues. I am currently seventeen years old, but don’t let my age deceive you, for I have been a season ticket holder since the start of the franchise and could spit more obscure statistics at you than Tony (Kornheiser) and Mike (Wilbon).

The goal for Toro Times is not only to help provide news, updates, and articles to NFL fans about the Texans’ happenings, but also to help those very fans be able to interact with other site members, write their own blogs, participate in polls, and expand their connection to the game of football. Through Toro Times, fans will be able to keep a close eye on the ins and outs of their favorite football team, the Houston Texans. To be able to find the latest news, scores, stories, rumors, and basically anything else the pertains to the Texans, this is the site to be a part of.

Yeah, we all know that the Texans aren’t the favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2009, but hell, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. Every year, the league’s youngest franchise seems to improve more and more (even if record disproves it), and if you haven’t already jumped on the Texans’ bandwagon, now’s the time! In this site, you’ll find ample reasons to believe that your Houston Texans may have finally arrived. Just sign up (it’s free), search around the site, tell your buddies about Toro Times, and most importantly, NEVER stop bleeding Battle Red!