Dec 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) looks to throw a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Schaub, Matt McGloin and other QB thoughts

Dec 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) looks to the sideline during the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports is reporting the Oakland Raiders are targeting Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub if he is to be released by the team.

Paul Gutierrez reported in an article on Saturday:

“Schaub and (Mark) Sanchez are expected to be cut by their respective teams soon … The Raiders currently have three quarterbacks on their roster in Terrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin and Trent Edwards.”

The Texans just need to make up their mind on Schaub, but I’m guessing that decision is coming soon.

I don’t see Schaub being a part of the Texans for much longer, plus it will be best for both to just move on after what we witnessed this past season.

Schaub unfortunately set an NFL record by throwing an interception for a touchdown in four consecutive games this past season, leading to him being benched for Case Keenum.

Schaub eventually started the final two games for the Texans due to an injury to Keenum.

In his eight starts, Schaub passed for 2,310 yards, 10 touchdowns and 14 interceptions with a QB rating of 73.0.

Think about this … what if the Texans release Schaub and the Raiders release McGloin … with their history together would Texans head coach Bill O’Brien bring McGloin over to the Texans as a reserve QB, since he already had played in a version of his offensive system when they were both at Penn State.

Just a thought, plus the Texans are going to need reserve QBs on their roster. I’m not saying McGloin is going to be the starter, but having a guy who already knows the system wouldn’t hurt.

Also for the Texans they will still most likely draft a QB either in the first or second round of the 2014 NFL Draft as well.

I’m not forgetting about Keenum, as I think he’ll still be on the roster at the start of the ’14 season. As for T.J. Yates, he’ll probably be playing elsewhere when the Texans open the season.

It looks like next week could possibly be interesting once they decide what they will do with Schaub.

What do you want the Texans to do with Schaub … keep him, trade him or release him? Let us know.

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  • Pridenpoise

    I don’t think the Raiders are going to be giving up on McGloin, but Pryor might be available, lmao.

    • friendship220

      Pryor is the best running QB in the NFL.

      McGloin is largely immobile.

      Running is a big part of being a QB. Not as important as passing, but QB = passing + running.

      Is McGloin even better than Pryor at passing?

      His completion % was lower.

      When you have the best running QB in the NFL, you build around him. You make it as easy as possible for him to run for many 93 yard TDs.

      McGloin is just physically inadequate to do the job. He might be a good QB coach some day, as he did learn what Bill O’Brien taught him well.

      • Pridenpoise

        Can’t argue with people who are in love with Pryors legs anymore it’s futile, Pryor is inept he is inaccurate, If McGloin is given training camp to work with the starters and get a rapport going with them he will and is the better QB period.

      • Raidersfan209

        Lol are you stupid or just up on Pryors nuts? Running is not a big part of a QB. Makes us Raiders fan sound stupid. It’s good to have a QB who can avoid sacks and pressure, but that shouldn’t and isn’t e the big part of them. You must mistaken that for a RB and WR. Obviously McGloin’s completion percentage is lower, he throws more then running haha. McGloin>Pryor.

        • friendship220

          Running is a big part of a QB. Not as big as passing, but a big part.

          QB = passing + running. When one guy dominates at running, like Pryor does, he doesn’t have to be nearly as good at passing.

          Pryor is much much better at running. He produces a lot of rushing yards. A lot of first downs. 27 first downs rushing in 9 starts. That’s 3 first downs a game. Those first downs kept drives going, avoided 3 and outs, kept the defense off the field so they wouldn’t get tired.

          McGloin’s supporters completely ignore that he went 3 and out a lot. And defenses got tired because of his ineffectiveness.

    • TexanHal

      You are forgetting one thing. They are the Raiders…competent front office decisions are non-existent. McGloin knows what OBrien wants to do on offense and would be a serviceable backup on the team.

      • Pridenpoise

        Haha, what a dummy that’s right competent front office, as opposed to the Texans, who may I remind you the Raiders BEAT last season with half of their payroll either retired or playing for different teams. Sounds to me like the Texans are Incompetent, and McGloin, is staying where he is, he’s also under contract dumb dumb.

  • TexanHal

    Trade 1 for 1: Schaub for McGloin. Works for me. Go TEXANS!

    • Pridenpoise

      Why would the Raiders trade for a QB that’s soon to be released. Manziel is going #1 to the Texans, works for me.

      • Michael Villanueva

        Manziel won’t be 1st pick for texans his lack of sight for open receivers is his downfall i know I know he’s a mobile qb but running when you don’t have to especially when receivers are open is a big no no. Manziel would rather give up a pass to run out the pocket to try and make a name for his self. It will be Teddy,Bortles,clowney, or Mack. Teddy and Bortles have both shown great eye sight for the pass and have broken tackles. The way teddy goes through progressions is incredible as a pocket passer I’m all for Texans doesn’t mean I need a Texas Quarterback.

        • Pridenpoise

          You’ve obviously mistaken me for somebody who cares what the Texans do with their pick.

          • Michael Villanueva

            Says the man who typed works for me

          • Pridenpoise

            You would do well to learn sarcasm when you see it.

          • HazeyMatt

            you forgot to use the sarcasm font

          • Gus Gustoffson


          • Pridenpoise

            Actually I do care, I’m hoping their stupid enough to leave Clowney for the Raiders to snag, but he doesn’t know that lol.

  • friendship220

    I would hope that the Raiders not release any of the QBs they have under contract.

    I happen to like the running one, Pryor, the one who breaks NFL TD records in his first year as a starter.

    He could be the face of the NFL.

    But McGloin, inadequate as he may be, is Definitely useful to O’Brien. We don’t want to get rid of him. But the Texans might want him. Trade is – McGloin and the 5 for the 1.

    • Raidersfan209

      Lol NFL TD record??? What are you smoking? He broke the longest run by a QB for a TD only.

    • Gus Gustoffson

      U post some of the wall shit lmao