Aug 17, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Miami Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller (81) is carted off the field with an injury during the first half against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texans a “dirty” team? A closer look at Swearinger and Smith

Greetings Texans Fans!

Have the Texans, once considered a “soft” team suddenly become a dirty team? DJ Swearinger ended the season of Miami Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller during their preseason match up with a low tackle that absolutely destroyed Kellers knee. Veteran Miami wide receiver Brian Hartline was not impressed by the hit. During an interview with the “Joe Rose Show” he said “it’s crap.”

Speaking of, defensive end Antonio Smith will sit out the next three games, two preseason and the opener in San Diego after being suspended for ripping the helmet off his old nemesis Richie Incognito and swinging it at him. The NFL will also be fining Smith for his loss of self control.

Let’s break down the two incidents. DJ Swearinger was slightly out of position during the play, and forced to come back at Keller. He made a decision to go low, but if you watch the play at full speed, there was what, maybe a second to react, and go for the player. It was bad luck, and everyone is hoping Keller makes a full and excellent recovery.

Now, on to Smith. There is little one can say in his defense. He clearly ripped Incognito’s helmet off, then swung at him. Fortunately this swing did not connect with anything but shoulder pads. I get that Smith has a beef with the man and Incognito isn’t one with an angelic reputation. However, that was a dumb move that is going to hurt the team.

Aggression is good, rage controlled is a fabulous weapon on the field. Smith needs to reign it in. The emotion of the moment got to him, focus Ninja focus. Beat him the next play, not upside his head with a helmet… however much you may feel he needs it.

As for Swearinger, hey, the kid thought about the rules, made a mental effort to not layout the receiver with a high hit. Unless the NFL starts going to flag football in those situations people will get hurt. No matter the fines, the rules, the equipment.

So no, I can’t call the team dirty.  Overly aggressive, yes.  Was Smith out of line?  You bet, did he get what he deserved?  Only on the luck of not actually bashing Incognitos face in did he avoid a more serious penalty.  We all want smashmouth hard nosed football players, but no need to go thug okay?   Swearinger made a decision, he went low to avoid a high hit penalty.  It sadly resulted in a serious injury.   I can’t fault him for that.   On a side note as a fan, it’s nice to have a team that isn’t “soft”.

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  • Tyler Cary

    Go figure that it would be the Texans writer that defended the low hit on Keller. You guys are starting to give off the vibe of those classless clowns in New Jersey. Who cares that your player most likely ended Keller’s career? Why not immediately respond with an article in defense of Swearinger’s actions a meager four days from the incident? It’s called acting with a little class, and you have just confirmed what the rest of America thinks of Texas and it’s inhabitants, and that is that you are little more than beer and BBQ swilling, fat, arrogant, unintelligent, classless, and uneducated jerks. Why would you write this article so soon? What purpose does it serve to rub salt into a fresh wound? Will your next article be written in defense of David Koresh? If you are a journalist writing for the party that is at fault, then maybe you should learn to wait a few days before you crack your classless knuckles, jackass.

    • Steve Vance

      Soooo… because a writer on the
      Toro Times wrote an article you disagree with you feel validated to
      denigrate the entire population of another state. Your “butthurtness”
      leads me to believe you are a Phins Phan and possibly from Phlorida. If
      so, one shouldn’t throw stones. When Phlorida isn’t throwing elections,
      its denizens are sexing up donkeys and eating people’s faces off.
      Now that’s classy.

      And even if you aren’t a Phloridian, from most of your comments, you are at most just a flamer or a troll.

      PHLAME ON!!

      • mrvicchio

        People are entitled to their opinions. Flaming attacks on writers because someone doesn’t like what they say is just part of life. I personally found it amusing the amount of vitriol without any substantive rebuttal to the points raised in the article. But such is the internet and modern discourse. Besides, it has to be frustrating to be a Dolphins fan for the last… what 30 years?

        • Steve Vance

          Yeah. It’s not the venting about the article or being upset about losing a player. It’s using it as an excuse be a jerk and flaming an entire state’s population. This dude also makes giddy comments on other articles about Brady possibly losing play time because of injury. So he’s a hypocrite and a flaming troll.