Ranking all 32 NFL Quarterbacks after 2022 Free Agency

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21st in the 2022 NFL Quarterbacks power rankings:

Pick Analysis. QB. TrevorLawrence. 21. Scouting Report. Clemson. player. 52

The run of the AFC South quarterbacks continues with Trevor Lawrence claiming the 21st spot on our power rankings. Lawrence was a perfect fit for Jacksonville, as he didn’t take an Eli Manning-like approach to being drafted to an awful team.

Lawrence had the unfortunate chance to work with Urban Meyer, a straight-up disaster, and should have never been hired. Lawrence struggled, but Jacksonville fought hard and even won some big upset games.

Who can forget the 9-6 victory of the Buffalo Bills? Of course, that was more on the defense performing well, but in the final game of the season is where Lawrence had his best performance.

Lawrence completed 71 percent of his passes in that game with two touchdowns and bounced the Indianapolis Colts from the playoffs. Add in that Meyer is gone, Travis Etienne will be playing his normal position, and whoever else they draft, and Jacksonville has a bright future ahead.