4 players Texans should be watching closely at Reese’s Senior Bowl

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Texans should be watching Senior Bowl closely. Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Each year scouts, general managers, media, players, and coaches gather in Mobile, Alabama to kick off the NFL Draft cycle with the Reese’s Senior Bowl. While the circumstances may be different this year with the ongoing health crisis, the event is still taking place, and it is one the Houston Texans should be keeping a close eye on.

Over the past few years, players like New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen have used the event to solidify themselves as top-ten picks in the draft. Smaller school guys like Alex Cappa and Ali Marpet of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have used the Senior Bowl to prove they can play at a high level despite their level of competition.

This is the first real look NFL teams get at 2021 NFL Draft prospects this season. As the Texans have a sparing amount of draft capital (for now) they will have to attempt to pull steals from every pick they have got, leaving their attention in Alabama this week.

What positions could Texans be looking to improve?

The roster in Houston has holes from front to back in it, including now potentially even at quarterback as Deshaun Watson is not budging. However, in the modern NFL, the roadmap towards victory is being able to throw the ball, and being able to stop the pass.

This is why the Kansas City Chiefs have loaded up on cornerbacks, safeties, and speed offensively over the past few years. If the Texans are smart they will do the same. This means getting pass rushers, guys who can play in press man coverage, and weapons offensively who can put points on the board. This should be the emphasis moving forward in Houston.

Who are four players at the Senior Bowl who could help out with this model?

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