EA Sports' Low-Blow to Houston

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Every year the NCAA Football franchise seems to keep raising team ratings while Madden seems to lower them.  This year there are 5 teams in NCAA Football 13 with 99 overall ratings.  The Packers and the Patriots are the top teams in the game right now at 86 overall.  The Colts are the worst rated team at 66 overall. Not even a single team has broken 90.

As you can see, EA Sports assessed the Texans with an overall rating of 78, while the ratings are subject to change, it does not excuse the fact that this is a blatant sign of incompetence from EA, I believe that not only Houston’s ratings too low, but the ratings of other teams as well seem too low. In Madden 12, after the roster update from the free agency frenzy due to the interrupted off season, which if Madden 13 was released now would be the same rating as the 2012 iteration. The current rating for the Texans on Madden 12 is 86.

Although the ratings of the Super Bowl winning New York Giants rating is excruciatingly low and not even the highest, but in comparison to the other teams, the Giants are not far from the top and other teams, but at face value, the number is severely low not only for us, but for other teams. If you compare the Texans to the Eagles, the Texans, who had a winning record and won their division along with making the playoffs, the Eagles who did nothing but with the free agency crown of the offseason last year, are given a high rating than Houston, which to me, is complete disrespect for the Texans’ players and organization. The Texans are even ranked below the Dallas Cowboys, which is an even bigger insult that two teams who could not win their division, let alone beat squandering teams in important games, are ranked higher than a team who had lower expectations than those two so-called “elite” teams. Other teams the Texans beat that are ranked higher than them are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons; both of those games were at Houston, but those two teams were heavily favored against the Texans team nobody expected to do any good.

Clearly, I am outraged at this atrocity of initial assessment, both as a fan of the Texans and a fan of the Madden franchise, but with the ratings subject to change from now until the next iteration of Madden, the sky is the limit for the Texans, and they will show that Houston belongs in the category of elite clubs.

– Richard Perez

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